Compiler Designing W09L1705 Part II

Automatic Memory Management Conclusions

  • It prevents very serious bugs but reduces programmer’s control as now programmer don’t know the memory structure and don’t know when memory is deallocated.
  • In real-time applications it can be very inefficient as the pauses should be less frequent or very short.
  • Memory leaks are also possible. X points to an AST and IL is made out of it then this AST is no longer needed, so it’s pointer should be changed to NULL.
  • There are more advanced GCs:
    • Concurrent: program and GC can run simultaneously
    • Generational: Objects that are not usually ccoolected are stored somewhere else and GC focuses on collecting on those objects which are more likely to be freed
    • Run-time: The pause time is restricted
    • Parallel: several collectors can work simultaneously.

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