Some AI Terms

AI Applications:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Q&A
  • Automatic Dialog System
  • Text-to-Speech Converter
  • Machine Translation
  • Web Search
  • Spam Filtering,¬†Text Classification
  • Face Recognition
  • Scene Segmentation
  • Image Classification
  • Robots
  • Theorem Provers
  • NASA Fault Diagnosis
  • IBM’s DeepBlue, the chess player
  • Google’s AlphaGo, the GO player
  • Fraud Detection
  • Recommendations


Rational Agent: An agent that can act and perceive in a way that maximizes utility.

Reflex Agent: Works on current state of world, uses mostly if-else.

Planning Agent: Asks what-if. Has a model of the world. Captures future.

Search Problems: 
[INPUT]: Abstract world state i.e. search space,
A successor function, updates and calculates
A start and a goal state
[OUTPUT]: Sequence of states, from start to goal state.

State Space Graph: Have set of search states connected with edges having cost or other related entities. No state is repeated. It is exponentially big.

Search Tree: Has start state as root and then each node is explored by the next possible move. No need to build the whole tree. A cycle in the graph means an infinite tree.